Dressage Training

Are you looking for someone to help bring your horse on? Do you have a horse to sell and need someone to put the work in to get the horse where it needs to be work and competition wise to successfully sell him/her? Are you an owner wanting to see their horse trained and competed to a high level? Or do you need someone to work your horse for you short term?
We offer our clients reasonable rates, safe paddocks and the security knowing their horse is in good and kind hands.
Katrina Millward's way of training brings out the best in any horse she rides. A successful dressage trainer, rider and coach who brings horses on at their own pace allowing them to reach their potential. She has trained and competed up to FEI Medium Tour level

  • Prices for 2019 start at :
  • $10 a day you supply all feed.
  • $20.00 a day for agistment and full feed.
  • $45.00 a day for agistment, full feed and training.
  • $25.00 per ride on our property
  • $20.00 per ride if horse comes for 3+ days.
  • $30 per ride on your property + $10 an hour for travel.

*Rates may change depending on size of horse and feeding regime.